Wild Hog Removal in Houston, TX

One animal you do not want around your pastures and crops are wild hogs. These invasive creatures will cause devastation that is difficult to bounce back from. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal pros will do everything they can to get rid of your wild hogs. Wild hog control and removal should be initiated as soon as the animal has been discovered living in the area. Call now for a consultation!

Hog trapped outside a Katy TX suburb

Houston Wild Hog Removal

Wild hogs in your property will cause devastation, destruction, and utter chaos. They root and rampage, damaging your land’s vegetation and other natural resources with their razor-sharp tusks. Feral hogs are common in the Houston area where they will eat anything available for their consumption.

Feral hogs also reproduce rapidly; one sow can produce up to three litters per year with an average of six piglets per litter. Don’t let feral hogs threaten your family and livelihood; call the professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Houston today to remove feral hogs from your property.

Feral Hogs on Farmlands

A common problem in the rural areas of Texas is wild hogs. These animals are destructive and can cause significant damage to crops, fences, trees, and other structures on your farm or ranch. They will also root up grasses that could otherwise be used for grazing livestock or wildlife habitat restoration projects.

These feral hogs eat just about anything, including plants, vegetation, fruits, and nuts from trees as well as eggs or young birds. They will even eat carrion or dead animals. Their rooting and wallowing activities can severely damage the soil as well as water sources such as ponds, lakes, and creeks. This reduces plant growth in those areas and destroys aquatic habitats for fish and other wildlife species that depend on clean water to survive.

These feral pigs also carry numerous diseases and parasites that are transmittable to livestock and humans alike including Leptospirosis (Weil’s Disease), brucellosis, pseudorabies/hog cholera virus (Aujeszky’s Disease), trichinosis with cysticerci larvae found in pork meat products from infected pigs; swine flu; tuberculosis; tularemia anthrax; Q fever; and ringworm is also transmittable to humans.

For these reasons, wild hog removal is extremely important for the health of your farm or ranch as well as any livestock that may be present there. If left uncontrolled they will multiply rapidly in large numbers which can cause further problems such as damage to property; destruction of native vegetation including trees; carrying diseases to other animals and people alike; and more environmental damage with their wallowing activities.

Wild Hogs in Suburban Areas

Since the 80’s when the wild hog populations have exploded, wild hogs have been able to adapt and thrive in new environments. This includes suburban areas where they can damage lawns, golf courses, gardens, ornamental plants on commercial properties as well as residential homes.

Another major problem for homeowners is the destruction of their landscaped vegetation from rooting activities by these animals. This creates large holes or trenches which damage walkways and driveways. In addition, they always leave a very distinct footprint pattern with two-toed tracks visible all over the place near your home along fences and other structures such as sheds or garages.

Wild hog control should be initiated immediately when you suspect them being present around your property because this type of animal will multiply rapidly if left uncontrolled. It is best to take care of this problem sooner rather than later.

How Can I Get Rid Of Wild Hogs?

Houston hog removal is not an easy job, but it can be done! It takes proper training and equipment to carry out this task. Wild hogs are considered the most destructive pest of Houston, TX because their activities include digging up your yard or garden.

To get rid of these feral pigs, you have to know animal behavior. Wild hogs are very intelligent, and they will quickly learn to avoid traps. You should not attempt to do the job yourself; hire a professional who knows how to get rid of wild hogs.

Wild Hog Pest Management

To deal with a feral hog problem in urban and rural settings, you must work with a professional and experienced company. Wild hogs can be dangerous to deal with if not handled properly. They are intelligent, and their aggressive nature can be a problem.

These animals are also big and heavy as adults grow up to 200 pounds which makes them very difficult to deal with for inexperienced people who have never tried to capture these beasts before. It is never a good idea that you try to deal with a feral hog on your own. The pros deal with a wild pig problem in two ways: trapping and exclusion.

Wild Hog Trapping

One of the best ways to deal with wild hogs is through trapping. Box traps and corral traps are the most common types of traps used. These traps allow you to capture the wild hogs alive. To be successful, you must know where the wild hogs are coming from and how they’re getting into your property. After finding their entry point, set up a trap at night when these wild pigs are most likely to come through.

Wild hog removal by this method requires careful consideration because unless you know what you’re doing, trapping wild hogs does not work in all situations. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience to trap them successfully, so make sure you hire someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to trapping these animals.

Traps must be placed in areas where wild hogs have been sighted. It’s best to use baits that will lure them into the trap like corn, grain, or fruit. If you are looking for professional assistance in dealing with your feral hogs, contact AAAC Wildlife Removal today for effective hog control services in Houston! We serve all of Harris County, TX including Cypress, Tomball, Humble, and Kingwood!

Wild Hog Exclusion

Trapping a wild hog is just one of the ways to deal with a wild hog problem, but once it is removed, you still have to make sure that other hogs won’t be able to get back in. The best way to do this is through exclusion or wild hog fencing.

You should always consult with an experienced contractor who can help you in the exclusion process. These fences should be strategically placed to be most effective at stopping feral hogs from getting to your property.

Wild hog fencing should be inspected regularly, and repaired if necessary because feral hogs are strong creatures who can uproot fences if they are not properly installed. Effective wild hog management and removal are crucial to your property’s well-being, so make sure you hire a professional to get the job done.

Houston Feral Hog Control Specialists

Feral hogs are destructive animals that need to be handled with skill and expertise. AAAC Wildlife Removal is your best choice for feral hog removal in Houston, TX because we offer effective and reliable solutions.

Our hog control programs are designed specifically to meet your needs. We have the experience and expertise to handle any size project involving feral hogs, no matter how complicated it may be.

And with over 20 years of experience as a family-owned business, you can rest assured that our specialists know what they’re doing when it comes time to remove these animals from your property!

Feral Hog Removal Near Me

AAAC Wildlife Removal is the company to call for effective feral hog control in Houston, TX! If you have a hog problem, we can help. We guarantee to get rid of wild hogs from your property, and we work with landowners to help prevent their return.

We offer a variety of services including trapping and fencing so there’s no need for you to do any work. Our highly trained technicians have the knowledge and experience needed to carry out these tasks successfully every time!

Additionally, our traps and methods are cutting edge so you don’t have to worry about safety. We carry out our job efficiently by using modern tools such as traps built specifically for feral hogs (hog boxes), feeders containing bait designed especially to attract them, and traps that catch them alive so you don’t have to deal with a dead animal.

Are you sick of dealing with feral pigs? Call us today for effective removal services in Houston, TX! We proudly serve the entire county including Cypress, Tomball, and Humble, Texas.

Wildlife Damage Repair

Aside from capturing nuisance animals, we also offer wildlife damage repair services to homeowners in need of repairs after a hog infestation. Our technicians are all capable of repairing a variety of property damage caused by wild hogs.

All our specialists are skilled at carpentry and drywall repair to ensure that any damage caused by the hogs is fixed properly. Making your property look exactly as it did before the hogs got inside will help you to avoid making your problem worse.

If you need repair of damage caused by wild hogs, don’t hesitate to call us today! We offer quick and efficient repair services so that your property can be restored in no time at all.

Contact AAAC Wildlife Removal now for more info about our wildlife damage repair service!

Dead Animal Removal

There are times when animals will crawl inside your property and die. This is an unfortunate situation that can be extremely unpleasant. You want to get rid of the animal and its smell as soon as possible, but this is not always easy especially if they’ve crawled into a hard-to-reach place.

Dead animals stinking up your property’s air is something no homeowner wants on their hands…which makes our dead animal removal service so valuable! Just as we do with all our other services, our technicians will remove the dead animal safely and efficiently.

Call us for dead animal removal services if you need to remove a dead raccoon, squirrel, opossum, skunk, cat, or other types of small/medium-sized wild animal.

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