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Pocket gophers (more commonly known as “gophers”) can be a major headache! They tunnel around your lawn, causing damage and spreading dirt everywhere. They love to gnaw, which might only damage your garden, but could also end up causing (costly) damage to water and power lines. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal pros are here to help you evict your gophers, clean up the mess, and repair the damage. Call now for a consultation!

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Gopher Removal Houston, TX

Do you live in Houston, Texas? Are you currently in need of pest control specialists who can help with the control and removal of wildlife such as mice or gophers? Are you looking for different trapping techniques to deal with the damage that a wildlife animal is doing to your lawn, plants, or landscape roots system?

Give us a call if you answered yes to the above! We are a Houston pest control and wildlife removal business that specializes in the removal of wildlife animals such as gophers and mice and are happy to serve and assist you. Call our Houston pest control service today to get a quote and to get rid of or control your wildlife problem and you’ll be back to enjoying your property in no time!

Why we’re the Best Gopher Removal Company?

A Pocket gopher (also known as “gopher”) can be a real pain in the neck! They dig up dirt and dig tunnels in your lawn that destroy the landscape and plants on your property and scatter soil all over the place. Trapping the animal can be a difficult task for someone untrained so we don’t recommend that homeowners try the DIY solution. They enjoy gnawing, which can not only harm your garden but also cause (expensive) damage to water and power lines.

Our pest control and wildlife removal experts offer our trapping services and assist you in evicting the gophers, cleaning up the mess and dirt left behind on your lawn, and repairing the damage. Give us a call to schedule a removal appointment and get a quote today! We are happy to serve you in the Houston area and metro areas of Houston. Why use our pest control service?

• Reliable and Professional

• Houston Pest Control Service Experts

• Our Services extend to Both Residential and Commercial Properties in Houston

• Fast Quotations on Pest Control Service and Wildlife Removal Service

• We specialize in Pest Control Service for various wildlife animals including, mice and gophers

Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Management Services

We are ready to handle and control different wildlife animals in Houston including mice and gophers. Every year, we handle hundreds of wildlife removal and pest control service requests and are happy to provide our animal control services in Houston. We use many different techniques for our animal control service and the removal of gophers from your property. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Our wildlife removal and pest control management services in Houston include some of the following methods:

• Exclusion – We control the gophers through a means of fencing. So that our company can protect the plants in your garden, we bury hardware cloth and mesh wire to prevent and control the gophers and mice from reaching the plants.

• Probing for Burrows – This control method is used to locate the main burrow of the gopher and identify the tunnel system for gophers. The probe must be long and sturdy as this increases the probability of finding the main burrow.

• Trapping – Call us today to find out more about the different traps our company has available for gopher and mice control.

• Habitat Modification – This control method we use for gopher control is simply reducing the food sources of the animal.

• Baiting with Toxic Baits – Give us a call today to find out more about the different baits you can use to control gophers in Houston.

• Fumigation – fumigating with smoke or gas for gopher control typically does not work as the animal covers up and seals the tunnel. However, licensed pest control companies such as our company have access to fumigation gases such as aluminum phosphide which can assist you with your gopher control problem in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pest Control and Wildlife Removal Companies offer Gopher Removal Service in Houston?

The best technique for pest control, gopher control and wildlife removal in Houston, TX is to call and contact a certified and licensed pest control and wildlife removal company. They are trained professionals in gopher and wildlife removal and when you contact them you are guaranteed to have a trained control service handle the pest control job.

Therefore, If you are a family with a nice property being ruined who wants to get rid of gophers you should contact a wildlife removal control service company specialist that is certified and licensed. It takes a long time, a range of techniques and methods, and a lot of effort to get rid of pocket gophers on your own. A professional specialist or pest control expert can assist you in the location of difficult-to-find mounds and develop a wildlife removal strategy that is going to serve your family’s needs. Go back to enjoying backyard BBQ’s and letting your children play around the backyard instead of worrying about gophers!

Are there Gophers in Houston, TX?

Gophers and Pocket Gophers are well-known species of wildlife in Houston, TX, that pest control, gopher control, and wildlife removal services are frequently called upon as to remove gophers Gophers can be found all across Texas and in the Houston area. We get a lot of calls from the following areas: Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Metro City of Houston Texas, Tomball, Kingwood, Atascocita, Humble, Cypress, Magnolia, Montgomery, Woodforest, and Willis. Not only do gophers effect your lawn, but they destroy landscaping and tunnel around your property destroying everything they hit!

How Do Gopher Control Companies Remove a Wild Animal Humanely in Houston?

Gopher control and pest control in Houston, TX can be a challenge as the species is commonly found in the Houston TX area. The animals are known for the damage they do to your property, yard, plants, garden, trees, roots, and lawn as they tunnel and burrow underground. Trapping moles, mice, or gophers requires the assistance of a certified gopher control and wildlife removal professional service company as they are trained professionals who know to control and kill the animals humanely and effectively.

If you want to try your hand at humanely controlling the gophers without professional advice or assistance, try using repellent to drive the pocket gopher out of their tunnel and underground burrow with this commonly used and cheap removal process. First, search and plan for an exit route that the animals are going to follow to get out of your property. These will be connected to their tunnels. To begin, search along the surface of your lawn, garden, and property for signs of a pocket gopher burrow, then cover the pocket gopher burrow closest to your property with castor oil pellets, peppermint oil, or fabric softener mats. This process isn’t fool proof, and can take a serious amount of dedication to pursue. If you try these DIY methods, and you’re unsatisfied with the results, call us for help.

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Gophers in Houston?

There are many ways to get rid of pocket gophers in Houston, TX. Methods for gopher control commonly include trapping, baiting with toxic baits, habitat modification, natural controls such as snakes and owls.

Research has shown that out of all of the above methods for gopher control in the Houston area, the most effective method can be baiting in the tunnels that they call home. This bait is the perfect gopher control to deal with underground rodents. It is known as is strychnine-treated grain and can be supplied to you through a licensed professional, wildlife removal professionals, or gopher removal specialists in Houston, TX. A single feeding of this lure, which usually contains 0.5 percent strychnine, is fatal and the food guarantees gopher removal anywhere in Houston. Some baits contain 2.0 percent zinc phosphide. These baits, including strychnine, are deadly for gophers after a single meal. Pesticides and poisons like this bait can be tricky to handle, so we don’t recommend this as a DIY solution.

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