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You know the smell. It’s impossible to mistake. As soon as you smell it, you need to give AAAC Wildlife Removal a call asap. It only takes one spray on your pet’s nose to turn your house into a disaster zone and make you check your family into a motel. Don't let a skunk evict you from your home so that it can move in. Call AAAC Wildlife Removal today.

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Skunk Removal – Houston Wildlife Control

Wildlife control is something everyone should invest in when a serious critter issue pops up in their home. Wild animals such as squirrels, rats, and skunks are common in Houston and tend to get close to your home. Pests such as skunks can cause you and your family severe problems.

Some people try to address the issue by themselves, dealing with wildlife on your own is a horrible idea. Some animals can transmit various illnesses and diseases if they bite you, scratch you, or if you have contact with their droppings. The best way to handle an infestation of skunks in Houston, TX is to hire removal experts to do it for you.

Whether it’s squirrel removal, raccoon removal, or skunk removal, we can do it for you, so don’t hesitate to call us if you need our help in Houston. It’s essential to keep your house or property safe from any animal that could cause any damage to you, your family, or your property. Be sure to call us and let our professional team solve this problem for you.

What Wildlife Can Get into My House?

Critters, like skunks, are a common issue in the US. Houston is not an exception. Animals can seem adorable from a distance, but wild animals are not pets, so you have to be careful with them. There are many wild animals that can visit your house; some of them being:

  • Bats
  • Rats
  • Skunks
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons

Those are not the only wild animals that can get close to your property in Houston, so be careful and try to notice them as soon as you can since having them around for an extended period gives them time to build their nests and attract even more critters to your house.

How to Prevent Skunks and Other Wild Animals

There are some situations you can’t control, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort to prevent wild animals from getting close to your house. Houston, like many other cities in the US, is prone to issues if people don’t do anything to prevent them from happening, so it’s crucial to take actions to address the matter as soon as possible.

Companies that offer removal of wild animals are the definitive solution for anyone that needs to get rid of these nuisance animals, but there are some things you can do to help before calling. We want your house to be a safe and comfortable environment for you, your family, and your friends. Here is a list of the things you can do to prevent that problem from happening:

Check for Leaks

Animals can’t get inside of your home if they don’t find an access point, you should search for tiny holes or spaces they could crawl into. Leaks are an indication that wildlife has already entered your house, gaining access to your attic, and building their nests there. The dangerous thing about having a leak in your is that it doesn’t only allow wild animals into your household, but also causes structural damage that can cost you a lot of money in the future.

All sorts of animals can get into your attic through the holes caused by leaks, so you could end up needing a snake removal service! It’s no easy task to fix leaks by yourself, so please call us today.

Take Bird Feeders Out of Animal Range

Skunks, squirrels, rats, and other wild animals are highly attracted to food, but if they can’t get to it, it’s less likely for them to stick around on your property. Bird feeders are something that can exacerbate your problem, it can be easy for a critter to reach the feeder. After eating what you left for the birds the animals are going to see your property as an easy place to find a meal, they may start to look for ways to enter your house once they become comfortable.

To avoid this from happening, we recommend you place bird feeders in a place that a wild animal can’t reach, or far from the home. That means putting them far from trees since squirrels and raccoons can easily use them to get what they want. As well, you should not keep pet food on your porch or close to your residence.

Use Odors They Detest

Animals instinctively identify their predators’ odor and use it to stay away from them, so there are some pest control products that mimic that odor to help you keep critters away from your house.

Garlic and pepper can keep some animals, such as rats or mice away since they don’t like the smell of it. We recommend you place little pieces of garlic and a bit of pepper in the access points they could use to enter your home to prevent them from going inside through them.

Ask a AAAC Wildlife Removal for help

Wildlife control companies in Houston are experts in removing any animal-related threat to your home, so you should always ask a professional service, such as ours, to give you some advice on the steps needed in order to protect your home and family. Many wild animal control companies offer you a service but don’t make an effort to have a closer relationship with their clients or care about their well-being, so make sure to choose one that provides you with top-tier control services while caring about you. We guarantee your skunk problem will be expertly handled in the most humane method.

How Dangerous Can Skunks Be?

Skunks can be more dangerous than they seem. There is a high incidence of rabies infections in the skunk population, so if they bite you or scratch you, you need to go to the hospital right away. Their toxic spray can also be harmful to humans if it’s concentrated in one spot, so the best you can do is stay as far as you can from them.

A skunk’s spray is still a nuisance even if it doesn’t cause you any harm. Getting rid of skunk odor is no easy task, which worsens the situation due to how stinky its odor is, making you unable to keep your daily activities going.

How Houston Wildlife Control Experts Get Rid of Skunks

If you can’t prevent skunks from getting near your home, you need to make a plan to keep them at bay without risking your health and your family members’ well-being. There are some things you can do while staying safe, here are some recommendations you can apply to address those problems in Houston, TX:

Remove Food Sources

It’s essential to keep food sources in a place that skunks can’t reach because they will be more attracted to your home or property if they can easily gain access to food. As we mentioned before, many animals can be attracted to human food and smell it from a far distance, so if they find an easy food source, they will likely build a nest nearby.

Bird feeders, pet food, and leftovers in the garbage can attract wildlife like skunks. Keep your food in plastic containers, pet food indoors, and bird feeders in a hard to reach place. 

Lock your Trash Cans

Food sources are not only in your kitchen but also in your garbage since people tend to throw leftovers in their trash cans. Skunks don’t have any problem searching for food in your trashcan.

The best way to avoid that issue is to invest in skinny trash cans with locking lids. This helps to prevent any animal such as a squirrel, rats, or skunks from eating your garbage. If skunks can’t get to your garbage, pet food, or bird feeder they will start looking for other places to eat.

Take Care of Insect Infestations

Insects can also represent a significant issue that you need to address with wildlife control companies. Apart from all the problems that insects represent by themselves, they also attract skunks since skunks tend to eat insects too. Regardless of that, insect infestations are not something you should address by yourself. It is best to hire a pest control service, such as ours, to address the situation.

Remove Debris

Any kind of debris in your yard can help skunks build their nest and hide the food they steal from you.  Considering that, it’s crucial to remove any debris in your home or roof to prevent them from using the debris as a hideout or nest.  You should also avoid accumulating stuff such as clothes, garbage bags. or wood.

Hire a Wildlife Control Service

AAAC Wildlife Removal is one of the best in the US, offering a top-tier service that addresses all the issues you need them to solve.  Professional nuisance wild animal control services tend to provide you with the help you need regardless of the animal that is bothering your property, so don’t hesitate to call one and ask them to send a team to your home if there is any squirrel, bat, raccoon, or skunk that is currently damaging your property.

Pest management businesses such as Houston raccoon removal companies offer an excellent variety of services you can hire; from bat removal to bird control. Snake control and dead animal control are also some of the services those companies provide, but not every company in Houston, Texas does the same, so you should ask them to check your building and determine if they can address the situation.

Benefits of Hiring a Houston Wildlife Removal Service

Naturally, hiring a professional Houston wildlife control company brings many benefits to customers since they not only address the issues you hired them to solve but also check if there are any unnoticed issues that are in need of attention. Professional wild animal control companies can also give you advice to help you prevent a wildlife problem from happening again, so don’t hesitate to ask them to guide you.

The good thing about wild animal control services is that there are many companies available for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. You can hire those companies and their team if you live in cities in Texas such as Sugar Land, Hedwig Village, Mission Bend, Jersey Village, Katy,  Missouri City, Fort Bend, Harris County, and many others!

Texas wildlife is known for being tough to deal with, but Houston wildlife removal companies are more than ready to check your home and make all the processes needed to take skunks or bats out of your home and attic and keep them away for good. Companies adapt to your needs, so call them if you need a team to do the removal of raccoons, Houston bat control services,  and all wildlife control services you require in general.

What to Look for In a Houston Wildlife Removal Company?

You need to choose the right Houston raccoon removal company or professional skunk control services in Houston, TX. There are many things you need to consider before picking the company that can help you address your critter problem, and since we want to help you stay safe and comfortable in your home, here are the main things you should worry about before you call an animal removal team in the Houston area:

  • Check if the company provides services in your area.
  • Make sure they have a professional licensed, experienced, and skilled team.
  • Ask them if they can solve issues related to more uncommon Houston animal situations such as bats in your attic or bats getting into your property in general.
  • Ask them if they can operate in other places in Texas such as Harris County, Jersey Village, Katy, or greater Houston area in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Average Cost of Houston Skunk Control Service?

A skunk control service in Texas can cost between $300 and $600 depending on the severity of the situation.

Will Animal Control Remove Skunks?

Animal Control will only remove domesticated animals (cats, dogs). However, AAAC Wildlife Removal of Houston can easily take care of your skunk issue by removing your critter and keeping them from returning.

Who Picks Up Dead Animals in Houston?

You can call companies that offer animal removal in Houston, TX to remove dead animals from your attic and other parts of your property before they become a nuisance to your family or house guests.

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