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Your beautiful lawn or garden looking a little trashed with all those molehills popping up? You didn't hire anyone to excavate your property and you definitely don’t want to turn an ankle in a mole hole. Once you start seeing those appear and molehills pop up, it’s time to call AAAC Wildlife Removal.

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Mole Control Houston

Is your garden or beautifully manicured lawn looking a little “under construction” due to mole hills. Moles can be very pesky and difficult to manage. This is why contacting a professional service such as ours is the best choice. We are the right service to call as soon as you start seeing  molehills on your property to ensure that you get proper mole control in Houston, TX. 

There’s nothing worse than walking through your lawn and suddenly twisting your ankle because you stepped in a hole left by these pests. The most significant problems faced by businesses and homeowners because of the presence of these mole holes can rapidly turn a well-manicured flower bed, yard, or lawn into an eyesore. 

With that being said, we are professionals who offer effective wildlife services that can easily help you evict those pesky moles, clean up the mess they caused, and repair any mole damage. Proper mole control and removal should be initiated as soon as you spot them living on your property. This is because the tunnels caused by these wild animals can reach up to 100 feet in one day, this can lead to severe structural damage. 

Call us for the best pest control solutions for your lawn throughout the year! 

Pesky Pest and Mole Control Problems in Houston

Professional wildlife control is vital when dealing with moles, due to various problems caused by these nuisance animals. Some of the most common problems faced by landowners from a mole problem include: 

Garden Damage 

Moles are ground-dwelling animals, they build nests and burrows inside of intricate tunnel systems. The tunnels made by this wildlife can quickly ruin your lawn. This is because tunnel problems caused by moles often lead to the root system being damaged, which can cause the affected areas of your yard to die. Aside from that, these tunnels can also uproot plants and flowers in your garden, which can be a costly issue that takes a significant amount of time to fix. Call us to fix your mole problem today! 

We can help you remove these creatures from the infested areas throughout your home’s soil and underground! 

Molehills and Mole Holes 

Moles are known to the tunnel, or burrow, underground. They create unsightly molehills and ridges in lawns. These ridges are the result of the process moles use while tunneling or burrowing underground. Molehills are recognizable as cone-shaped piled-up dirt that occurs after these wild animals have been digging into the ground of the lawn as they build their dens. These molehills and mounds aren’t a great sight to see on lawns, which is why you should contact us to deal with these landscaping issues.

We can assist you in removing these small creatures from infesting your lawns, grass-covered spaces, wall voids, and other areas of your property. 

The Best Mole Trapping Process

It’s no secret that moles are a challenging pest to trap and remove. Most times, trapping and properly removing a mole is the best course of action when you have an infestation on your property. It’s a common practice for animal control operators to use rodenticide in order to eliminate mole infestations. However, throughout our extensive years in this industry, we have concluded that rodenticide is generally ineffective. The use of poisons can pose a severe threat to your family and any animals living on your property, including your pets. 

Our professional and certified mole pest control and mole trapping service technicians are equipped to resolve any problems caused by a mole occupation. We provide humane wildlife control solutions, we are professional and efficient.

Give us a call to learn how we can assist you in removing the mounds caused by these underground creatures! 

How Can We Help You with Your Wildlife Control Problem?

We understand that a wildlife issue can be a hassle, which makes the process of eradicating such a problem incredibly annoying for anyone that is not prepared to handle the situation on their own. It’s for this reason that we have designed our mole control service to be convenient, safe, and effective. Wildlife control solutions are typically a long and expensive procedure, however, we believe that this shouldn’t be the case. That’s why we provide our customers with effective control services that are quick to perform and that work to save you money and give you peace of mind. We want to ensure that the threat of these pests returning is drastically reduced. Our overall objective in offering these control solutions, when your lawn is infested with moles, is to return your lawn and property to its former  glory. Our service is effective and the professional technicians who conduct these control solutions are eager to assist you in any way possible. 

Contact us for the best mole trapping and pest control service in Houston! 

Our Effective Wildlife Control Solutions 

After spotting moles digging in areas across your lawn, it’s highly recommended to seek a professional pest control service in order to prevent the moles from causing extensive damages. You should contact us to provide you with the best pest control services for your relentless moles taking refuge on your lawn. The tunnel system moles create by digging and tunneling on your property can lead to costly damages, as well as cause a very hazardous environment for anyone taking a walk around the yard.

Our mole control services are the best in Houston. We pride ourselves on offering the most humane trapping services, we are professional, efficient, and courteous. There’s no doubt that moles can disrupt the landscaping of your lawn, which can be incredibly frustrating for any property owner. Knowing this, we also provide services that repair any damage left by the moles.

When looking to have a feeding, moles typically search for grubs, spiders, earthworms, centipedes, and other insects in the soil. We offer products that kill these pests that moles commonly feed on. However, the downside is that these insects are beneficial to the environment. We use discretion when employing any form of pesticide, this method helps prevent moles from returning once they have successfully been trapped and removed. 

Phone us today to learn how we can assist you in returning your lawn to its former glory!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What types of moles are in Texas? 

Several species of moles live in the US. However, only one is found in Texas, which is the eastern mole or scalopus aquaticus. These moles commonly live in the seclusion provided by underground burrows. They rarely come to the surface. However occasionally, you can see these small animals in the grass, possibly feeding on grubs or insects.

What is the best product to help get rid of moles? 

One of the best home remedies to remove any moles from a property is caster oil. Castor oil is widely known as being one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of nuisance wildlife. You can mix three parts of castor oil and one part of dishwashing soap. After this, add four tablespoons of this mixture to one gallon of water. From here, you can soak any of the entrances and tunnels to remove any moles living in these underground tunnels. 

What is the quickest way to get rid of moles in your yard in Texas? 

This depends on the situation and the severity of the problem. Many methods can work to help remove a mole from your yard. One of the first things you should do is remove these animals’ food sources. In addition to this, you should avoid overwatering your lawn, apply effective repellents, and most importantly call a professional team. If you are suffering from a mole infestation, we are the ones to call. Don’t tackle this problem on your own.

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