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Beavers can be found living in creeks, ponds, lakes, streams, swamps, tanks, bayous, drainages, reservoirs, branches, storm drains, runs, canals, irrigation ditches and even under homes and businesses throughout the state. They also take up residence under sheds and outbuildings. A shed is normally elevated off the ground and is perfect for raising a family. If there is shelter they will seek it! AAAC Wildlife Removal should be called for beaver removal. Beaver control should be initiated as soon as the animal has been discovered living in these areas.

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The Best Beaver Removal in Houston

A beaver takes moving on to your property can be a financial disaster and monumental hassle. They can cause damage on a large scale, more so than other pests (including bats). Our professional beaver trapping and removal services will evict these beavers from your property, repair any damage these animals have caused, and clean up the mess that’s been left behind. It’s highly recommended to seek beaver pest control and removal as soon as the animal has been found living in your home. 

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Beavers in Houston, TX

Having a few fallen trees on your land generally isn’t an immediate reason to worry. However, this may be an indication that you have a colony of beavers living on your land. If you notice small branches that are cut at sharp edges, gnaw marks on your trees, or debarked wood near areas with water, then you may be dealing with a beaver infestation. If you fail to intervene at this point, then it is likely for you to soon find that many of your trees have fallen and the water near your property has risen a few feet. Beavers are going to create visible gaps and trails in water banks nearby, these animals must pass to and from the woods and the water. It won’t be long before the property owners discover the damage caused by beavers creating a dam. This can be a complete nightmare for any property owner. 

Problems Associated with Having Beavers on Your Property

Beaver Dams 

Beavers are widely known as “nature’s engineers”.  These creatures can significantly alter their habitat. As a result of this drastic change, water levels are likely to rise and can potentially flood massive locations in the Houston area, including forests, parks, agricultural lands, or even your property. The flooding caused by beaver dams can also effectively block roadways. Another massive issue with beaver dams is that they can stop fish from migrating to their spawning grounds. In addition to this, these beaver dams can also lead to flooding and the destruction of habitats necessary for plants and animals native to Texas. 

Tree Gnawing

It’s no secret that beavers are movers and shakers. Beavers are commonly known to continually chew on many different things, especially trees. This is because beavers get shelter and nutrition from trees. Rodents, such as beavers, typically need to gnaw on hard surfaces as a way of wearing down their teeth. Rodents, such as beavers or rats,  continue to grow their teeth throughout their life. If they were to stop gnawing on stuff they would have serious dental issues. With that being said, it’s widely known that beavers can travel as far as 100 feet away to find quality trees to gnaw. Beavers generally pick the freshest trees first, as these take less effort to cut down. Nonetheless, they can also work to take down older and bigger trees if you don’t take action immediately to get rid of beavers on your property. 

Our Beaver Control and Removal Services in Houston, TX

When you choose us for your animal control service, you’re guaranteed the most professional and humane beaver removal. One of our professional technicians will effectively remove any beaver that is making your land their home. This is done in the most humane method possible. After successfully conducting this animal removal, the technician is also going to make sure that no new beavers are tempted by the infrastructure that’s already been formed. This is done by removing any lodges and dams that have previously been built. We have licensed professionals with the expertise to use the relevant equipment to dismantle these structures. Our friendly and professional specialists can provide clients with the appropriate recommendations in order to ensure that no furry friends decide to make a repeat visit. In addition to beavers, we also work with other wild animal species native to the Houston area. 

The Process of Beaver Trapping

Beaver control and beaver removal should only be performed by professionals who have a vast amount of knowledge about handling these creatures. Any person attempting beaver removal should be educated on the laws involving beaver control and wildlife removal, and most people are not.

It’s vital that the trapping of beavers (beaver removal) be done in a humane way. This prevents injury from occurring to the beaver. Due to this, the removal, beaver control, and care of wildlife should only be performed once the necessary planning and procedures have been completed. 

Any form of wildlife removal, control, or extermination is potentially dangerous to those who lack the necessary experience to perform such a process. Proper beaver removal and wildlife control often involve going onto the dams and using heavy and specialized equipment.

Due to this, untrained individuals should refrain from attempting removal. Beavers and other wildlife should be left to the pros. Instead, landowners should contact a professional wildlife control company, so that removal services can be initiated as soon as possible. It’s crucial that when getting rid of these beavers, it is performed in the right way before this issue gets out of control. Call us today!

We are wildlife specialists that provide humane wildlife solutions for any animal issues you’re facing from dead animal removal to wild animals in your attic, so call today! 

Why Choose Us as your Wildlife Removal Company

The wild animals typically found in Houston can be pesky and cause unwanted and costly damage to your home. For this reason, you want effective wildlife removal services that offer the best results. AAAC Wildlife Removal is the right company to choose. We provide you with wildlife removal services and more. Wildlife control and animal removal is dangerous to attempt without the necessary training and experience. 

That’s why all of our technicians go through quality training to ensure that we offer only the best solutions when it comes to your wildlife problems, such as beavers. Beaver dam removal services in Houston are in high demand because of the beaver control issues faced in this location. Our company has designed a service that helps prevent this pest problem from turning your home into a nightmare. We are the friendly professionals that you can call to bring peace and harmony back into your home. 

Our local business is equipped to conduct wildlife removal in even the most uncommon areas where this wildlife finds itself. These include storm drains and irrigation ditches. Whether you’re in Fort Bend, Fort Worth, Harris, Fort Collins, or anywhere else in the greater Houston metro area, we’re the certified and licensed local business you should call when you require a rodent wildlife removal service for your house. 

In addition to this, our licensed business also offers a home repair service and we ensure we will return your home to its former glory. We’re passionate about providing a helpful and certified service to our customers, neighbors, and friends in Houston. Our goal in offering this wildlife removal service is to help the residents of Houston efficiently manage their wildlife problems and keep their homes secure and safe. 

If you find yourself struggling with a wildlife problem in your yard or house, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Rats in your home? Are raccoons getting into your yard? Bats in the attic? Rodents looking for food? In addition to beavers, we can handle other species, too like rats, raccoons, bats, and other rodents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beaver Removal

Is it legal to shoot a wild animal in Texas? 

Texas does have significant regulations on the trapping and hunting of fur-bearing animals, which include skunks, beavers, raccoons, nutria, muskrats, minks, foxes, and badgers. However, these regulations permit landowners to remove any nuisance wildlife by any means and any number on their private property. Nonetheless, it’s highly recommended for homes and businesses to call professionals when it comes to removing any nuisance animals on their property. 

How do I get rid of wild animals in my yard? 

Using a live trap is an excellent way to get rid of a beaver. Beavers are known for being large, which is why you should use a couple of traps in an attempt to remove any nuisance beavers that are in your yard. However, it’s highly recommended to use certified wildlife experts to ensure you’re trapping beavers effectively and responsibly. This is one of the only non-lethal methods of getting rid of any resident beavers in your yard or attic. With that being said, beavers require physical removal, which takes great patience. This is because beavers are known for being trap-shy. You can also use repellent to remove beavers from your yard with predator urine scents, such as urine from snakes, foxes, and coyotes. 

How do I remove beavers for good? 

Our recommendation when it comes to removing beavers from any yard or house is to bait and trap them. There is a definite art to trapping beavers, so it’s best to call AAAC Wildlife Removal. We have the skills and experience to trap your beavers correctly the first time! 

Can I kill a beaver on my property? 

Landowners are permitted to shoot any beavers found living on the owner’s land, according to the Game and Fish Act it is permitted for private landowners to get rid of any nuisance animals if the animal is causing damage to the owner’s land. However, you may get in hot water for shooting wildlife on your property, there are many variables. This is another reason why you should contact us, we are licensed experts and we will save you the headache of handling this on your own.

Brian & Josie Moss

We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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