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Beavers can be found living in creeks, ponds, lakes, streams, swamps, tanks, bayous, drainages, reservoirs, branches, storm drains, runs, canals, irrigation ditches and even under homes and businesses throughout the state. They also take up residence under sheds and outbuildings. A shed is normally elevated off the ground and is perfect for raising a family. If there is shelter they will seek it! AAAC Wildlife Removal should be called for beaver removal. Beaver control should be initiated as soon as the animal has been discovered living in these areas.

Beaver Removal in Houston, Texas

The Best Beaver Removal in Houston

Beavers are one of the most common species of wildlife that we are called to deal with. They can be huge pests with an insatiable appetite for our trees both young and old alike.

A beaver moving in your property can be a financial disaster waiting to happen. They can cause damage on an incredible scale. They are extremely territorial and will do anything to protect their area. AAAC Wildlife Removal provides professional beaver trapping and removal services. We will evict the beavers from your property quickly and humanely.

We also repair the damage they have caused and clean up the mess while we were there. Our beaver removal process is safe, efficient, and effective at solving your problem fast!

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Beavers in Houston, TX

A few fallen trees on your property aren’t usually something to worry about. However, this could indicate that a beaver is on your land and causing damage. If you find tree stumps that have been chewed at the base or notice a large number of felled trees in one particular area, it may mean a beaver is living nearby.

Texas beavers may look cute and harmless but they can do a lot of damage to your property. If you have a beaver on your land, it may already have caused extensive damage. The creatures will create dams, canals, and lodges on your land. They will also cut down trees to get food, building materials and to create a shelter for their young.

Failing to do something about this could lead to some serious problems down the line. A beaver can do quite a bit of damage to your property and this may increase over time as they start to get more and more comfortable in their surroundings. A beaver is not an animal that you want to take lightly!

You will soon find more trees have been felled and the water level of your pond or lake has risen. This is a sign that you have a very serious problem on your hands! You don’t want to wait too long before getting in touch with an expert as beavers can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage during their lifespan.

Problems Associated with Having Beavers on Your Property

Having beavers in your pond or around your land can cause many problems. The most obvious is the damage they inflict on trees and other plant life; however, it’s not just these that are affected by their presence. Beavers can affect the water levels in ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, and even man-made reservoirs. They also carry diseases that can affect humans and domestic animals.

Beaver Dams 

Beavers are shakers and movers, they are nature’s engineers! They are well-known for their love of making dams across streams and rivers. These creatures significantly change the landscape by their dams. They use sticks, branches, and mud to construct these large structures which can span up to 100 feet in length!

Water levels rise as a result of the dams causing flooding downstream. This can cause issues for people living in the area as it could lead to massive damage across farmland and properties! In addition to this, the dams also prevent fish from migrating which can have a huge toll on the local ecosystem.

In addition, the increased water levels cause soil erosion downstream. This can lead to sedimentation of rivers, streams, and ponds which will seriously damage the local environment over time.

Beavers may be cute but they can be quite a pest! They need to go before you end up with a huge problem on your hands. It’s best to call a professional who knows beavers well and can get rid of the creatures quickly and humanely.

AAAC Wildlife Removal of Houston, TX is the premier wildlife removal service in Texas. We specialize in beaver trapping and removal, among other nuisance wildlife issues.

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Tree Gnawing

Beavers, just like their rodent cousins, have teeth that never stop growing. This means they need to gnaw on things constantly to wear them down and keep them short!

Beavers are also constantly on the move looking for new areas to set up their lodges. They will chew down trees and use them to make dams as well as build their homes. As beavers get their nutrition from trees and plants, they will chew on all types of wood.

They like to eat the inner bark (or xylem) which will kill the trees. They have an insatiable appetite for wood, especially softwoods such as poplar, alder, birch, and cottonwood! This can be even more of a problem when you consider that beavers can chew through a two-inch-thick tree trunk in 30 minutes or less!

Trees can start to die far more quickly in the presence of these creatures and this is not something you want happening on your land! Not only does it look bad, but there are also safety implications as dead trees may fall over during storms or high winds.


Beavers can be a source of diseases like Giardiasis, Tularemia, and Leptospirosis. They can also pass diseases on to humans and pets if they are bitten or scratched by these creatures, so it’s best to steer clear of them!

These diseases can make a person seriously ill and they need to be treated as soon as possible. Giardiasis is a gastrointestinal illness that can last for several weeks and cause severe diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and stomach cramps! Leptospirosis has similar symptoms but it affects the liver and kidneys in addition to causing flu-like symptoms.

Tularemia causes ulcers on the skin, swollen and painful glands, inflamed eyes, mouth sores, and fever. This disease can be very dangerous if it enters the bloodstream or lungs! These risks are why you shouldn’t wait around when you notice that beavers are causing issues on your property.

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Professional Beaver Control and Removal Services in Houston, TX

If you have a beaver problem, you need to get in touch with a professional as soon as possible. If left untreated, these animals can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage over time! The longer they remain on your property the more likely it is that their dams will become larger and water levels higher.

At AAAC Wildlife Removal of Houston, we are proud to offer professional beaver control services which will ensure that these creatures do not cause any more damage! We have highly trained technicians who know these animals inside and out. We will be able to quickly assess the situation on your property and deliver a swift solution that works in the long term!

This is done in the most humane way possible and we can guarantee that we will not harm the beavers. We will also remove the dams and lodges with our specialized equipment and ensure that no other beavers will be tempted to move in and take up residence.

If you are looking at hiring a wildlife removal service company, always go with one who has an expert understanding of these animals! All our team members are trained to deal with beavers and have access to the latest equipment to get the job done. We work closely with our clients at all times so that we can deliver a solution that works for everyone.

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The Process of Beaver Trapping

Control and removal of beavers should be done by professionals, as they are wild animals and can be very dangerous to deal with. There are laws that any person who wants to perform beaver removal needs to follow, so the one you hire must be a licensed and trained professional.

Beavers should be removed using humane methods. And because of this, the trapping process involves planning and preparation. An experienced company will be able to advise on the best way of trapping these animals, based on their behavior and habits.

Any form of wildlife removal, control, or extermination is potentially dangerous to those who lack the necessary experience to perform such a process. Proper beaver removal and wildlife control often involve going onto the dams and using heavy and specialized equipment.

Untrained individuals can harm themselves or the beaver, so this must be done by experts. Beaver dam removal usually involves the use of heavy equipment and specialized tools. Landowners should always contact professional removal companies as they will know how to deal with beavers and the equipment needed for this task.

We are wildlife specialists that provide humane wildlife solutions for any animal issues you’re facing from dead animal removal to wild animals in your attic, so call today! 

Why Choose Us as your Wildlife Removal Company

AAAC Wildlife Removal provides effective and humane solutions for all of your wildlife problems. We have the right equipment and skills to handle any situation, from squirrels in an attic or roof to beavers on a riverbank! Our team is highly trained and will deliver exactly what you need to get rid of these creatures once and for all.

All our technicians undergo quality training to ensure that we can deal with any wildlife issue, and provide you with a solution that is safe for both people and the animal. There’s no need to handle these creatures yourself or try and trap them – let us take care of it!

We are friendly professionals who are passionate about wildlife removal. We will always take the time to understand your exact requirements and deliver a solution that is tailored to your situation.

We are equipped to conduct wildlife removal anywhere wildlife might be present. This includes urban, rural, and industrial areas where pest control is needed to ensure the safety of people and wildlife alike. Whether you are in Fort Worth, Fort Bend, Harris County, Fort Collins, or anywhere else in the Greater Houston area, we are here to help!

We are a certified and licensed wildlife removal company. We have a proven track record of effectiveness and safety that you can rely on for your wildlife problems. In addition to this, we are also providing wildlife damage repair services to ensure that your property is back to normal as soon as possible!

Our technicians are the best in the business. We attend regular training sessions and follow industry guidelines so we can provide you with safe, effective solutions for all of your wildlife needs. Our goal is to help Houston homeowners manage their wildlife problems efficiently and keep their homes and property safe from these creatures.

So whether you have bats in the attic, raccoons in your trash can, squirrels in the chimney, or beavers on your riverbank, we are here to help! Contact us today for assistance with animal removal or wildlife control, and we can schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience.

Our wildlife and pest control company also provides dead animal removal, bird control, Houston bat removal, roof rats control, removal of rodents, animal trapping, and more!

If you find yourself struggling with a wildlife problem in your yard or house, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Rats in your home? Are raccoons getting into your yard? Bats in the attic? Rodents looking for food? In addition to beavers, we can handle other species, too like rats, raccoons, bats, and other rodents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beaver Removal

Is it legal to shoot a wild animal in Texas?

Texas has strict regulations regarding trapping and removing fur-bearing animals like skunks, raccoons, beavers, and opossums. However, private landowners are allowed to trap or shoot these animals without a permit inside their property. We do not recommend this method as it can be dangerous and cause the animal undue suffering. Call us instead so we can safely and humanely remove the animal.

How do I remove beavers for good?

Baiting and trapping are the most humane ways to get rid of beavers. They are usually done by professionals who know how to catch these animals without hurting them or getting into danger themselves. If you have a dam on your property, you should contact an expert wildlife removal company for help. We at AAAC Wildlife Removal have the skills and experience to help you with your beavers, and we always do it humanely.

Can I kill a beaver on my property?

Property owners are allowed to take lethal measures to remove the beavers on their property, but it must only take place in areas where people are not present. According to the Game and Fish Act, landowners can get rid of nuisance animals that are causing damage to their property. However, doing so is inhumane and you would still need to take care of the dam. Getting a pro to deal with your beaver problem is the best thing to do.

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