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Do you have a wild critter stirring up trouble? Don’t panic! We can help! We work with Tomball homeowners and residents of Harris County, Texas to control their wildlife and keep their homes safe and disease-free. No need to struggle with an unwanted critter. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Tomball can get rid of your nuisance animal problem today!

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Wild Animal Removal from Attics

An animal finds comfort, safety, and security in your attic. Those Tomball raccoons, rats, pigeons, bats, birds, and squirrels are always looking for a dry and comfy place to raise a family. This would mean that they may end up in your chimney or attic for a longer time. Not only does your neighborhood wildlife stay rent-free, but they also damage your roof, eaves, soffits, and contaminate your home with toxic droppings. You can rely on AAAC Wildlife Removal of Tomball to help you with all of your wildlife control and removal needs.

Wild Animal Trappers

Our Wildlife Control and Removal experts are trained on the latest cutting-edge removal and pest control techniques to catch all kinds of wildlife, both inside your home and even out in your yard. We practice the most humane animal pest control and removal methods possible and follow all Harris County and Texas State Laws and regulations with regard to trapping and removing a nuisance animal.

Tomball Wildlife Control Damage Repair & Re-Entry

Once we get your wildlife out, only half the battle is won. A proper Tomball Wildlife Control solution means you need someone who can seal all the entry points (where your furry friends got in the first place), and repair the damage they caused when ripping up your wooden panels, soffits, eaves, and vents. If you need any repair work for your home, your attic, lawn, or yard, our wildlife control and removal experts are capable of solving the problem.

Pest Removal Cleanup and Attic Insulation Services

It is common for wild animals living upstairs in your Texas attic to make a mess that they bother cleaning up. Leaving bat guano and similar animal waste in an attic can be toxic to your health! Without special equipment or training, don’t try to get rid of the waste on your own. AAAC Wildlife Removal of Tomball City can help with the safe decontamination of your attic and replacing of your damaged or trashed insulation.

We Specialize in Wildlife Removal and Control:

Raccoon Removal

A raccoon in the attic may cause all kinds of damage in your Tomball home as they stay for a longer time. They love to chew electrical wiring as well as damage the roof, fascia boards, and soffits in order to widen entry holes. These animals also take up residence under sheds, in hot tubs, and outbuildings. There are no truly effective repellents to be used for raccoons local to Harris County, so don’t waste your time. Just like an Opossum, a Raccoon will seek shelter if it is available! If you notice these bandits lurking around, call us to talk about raccoon removal.

Squirrel Removal

Your attic is like a playground for Tomball squirrels and other Texas wildlife. These animals love nothing better than a nice dry place to escape the weather and play around like puppies inside your house, beneath your roof, or in the chimney and fireplace. Squirrels in Tomball City usually build new nests in trees to keep them safe from predators and rival squirrels. Well, your attic is the best nest they could ever ask for!

If squirrels weren’t messing about and leaving droppings, they probably wouldn’t bother you so much. But squirrels pose the greatest danger because they chew on electrical wiring that runs through your walls and attic. Frayed wires set fires, as we like to say. It’s not necessary to burn down your home because squirrels moved in.

If you need help with a squirrel removal project or any wildlife control services in Tomball City, Texas, give us a call! We are happy to share our vast knowledge of squirrel removal information.

Bat Removal

Tomball bats can be expelled with wildlife control and removal methods such as bat exclusion. Instead of attempting to lure a bat into a trap, the smartest thing you can do is allow the bat to leave (which it is likely to do at night to go hunting) and never let it come back! Almost crazy huh?

When clients in Harris county call us with a bat removal problem, the first thing we do is an inspection to find out how these animals got in. Once we identify the entry holes through which this wildlife invaded your attic, we install one-way doors at these entry points. As a result, once your bats are out hunting at night, these wild animals can’t get back in.

Once your bats have left, it’s important to seal any entry holes so those wild animals won’t be able to return. If your bats spent a lot of time up there, you’ll probably need an attic clean-out for they surely left toxic bat droppings and some cosmetic repairs too. The good news is: Tomball homeowners can rely on us for Texas wildlife damage repair services.

Rodent Control

One of a Texas homeowner’s worst nightmares is to see a rat running loose in their house. Yuck! Despite their minuscule size, rats and mice can wiggle into almost any crack within a Texas home or business. Most contractors in Tomball, Texas aren’t thinking long-term about keeping rats out of homes during construction or remodels. Therefore, any work you have carried out on your house may have created an entry point for wild animals like rats and mice.

Rat infestations can lead to property damage by chewing up wiring and pipes. They need to be handled with extreme caution as they can cause a lot of damage. It increases the likelihood of fire and water damage. Be cautious with wildlife exterminators around the Tomball area who use poison as their primary weapon to eliminate wild animals. Poison is often used to dehydrate rodents, which makes these wild animals more likely to destroy water lines when they are in search of freshwater.

Besides their toxic droppings, these animals pose a serious health risk because of the diseases they can transmit by their bite. Please arrange an inspection as soon as you encounter a rodent problem in your Harris County area, and we will go over rodent removal options.

Pigeon and Bird Control

At first glance, you may think a pigeon is just a harmless bird looking for food. The reality is that it is a pest looking to set up shop. If a bird finds your property comfortable, it won’t leave on its own. That’s why our Tomball animal control services offer full-proof bird removal. All of our methods are conducted using humane practices that are safe for the any bird and safe for you and your property. In Tomball, TX, we provide bird control solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

Snake Removal

Although every single snake is a pest, snakes with venom are much more dangerous than their non-venomous counterparts. The removal and control of deadly venomous snakes in Tomball must be handled by professionals.

The fact remains that most of the non-venomous snakes in Tomball, TX are not dangerous. Nevertheless, you should still call our company to have a technician identify it and make sure it is safe. You can also find helpful tips from our website on how to prevent snakes from nesting on your property. Every single member of our team is a snake expert. They’ve all dealt with pest removal and rattlesnake control for years now. Feel free to call for their expertise in keeping your house and yard safe.

What Makes Us the Best Wildlife Control Company for you?

For the last 15 years, we have built one of the best wildlife control and removal companies in America.

We assure you that we are:

  • Prompt, courteous, and professional
  • Passionate about our trade and protecting your home
  • Talented wildlife trappers who understand the animals we work with
  • Compassionate and humane
  • Masters at carpentry and home repair

Our company is fully licensed and certified in Tomball and the state of Texas, and is highly rated on Google. We didn’t become the best by making our customers anything but totally satisfied!

Frequently Asked Questions about Wildlife Services

Q: Who do I call to remove wild animals in Harris County?

A: Animals in Harris County are removed in different ways depending on the species. If you have a feral dog or cat that needs to be removed, then, you should call your Animal Control office for the City of Tomball. For efficient and quality work removing a woodland animal such as a raccoon, bat, rat, or snake, call a Tomball Wildlife Removal company.

Q: How do you get rid of wild animals in Texas?

A: Tomball and the state of Texas handle wildlife issues differently depending on the species of animal, its size, and its location. Bats commonly need to be excluded from an attic. The humane animal removal for raccoons and squirrels should be handled with trapping, transport, and release where possible.

Brian & Josie Moss

We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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