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A squirrel family setting up shop in your home can be disastrous for your insulation and electrical wiring. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal experts are here to help you eliminate your squirrel problem, clean up the mess, and repair the damage. Act fast, because frayed wires start fires!

Squirrel trapped on a rooftop in Sugarland

Scratching, gnawing and pitter-pattering sounds in the morning or during the day are a good sign you have some squirrels in your Houston home. You might also discover pieces of dried leaves, twigs, cardboard or insulation in hidden corners, a sign that they’re building a nest.

Squirrel control and removal should be started as soon as the animals have been discovered living in your home as squirrels have a habit of chewing wiring which can lead to fires.

Squirrels in the Attic

Your attic is like a playground for squirrels. They love nothing more than to have a nice dry place to get out of the weather and romp around like maniacs under your roof. Squirrels usually build nests in trees to keep them safe from predators and rival squirrels. Well, your attic is the best nest they could ever ask for, and they don’t even have to pay rent!

If it weren’t for the nuisance and droppings, squirrels might not be so bad. But, the biggest danger that squirrels can pose is that they chew on electrical wires that run through your attic and walls. This is very bad news. As we like to say: “Frayed wires start fires”. There’s no need to burn your Houston home down because some squirrels decided to move in.

How do you get rid of wildlife nuisances like squirrels in my home?

Squirrels in Houston, Texas live in both urban and rural settings. They prefer to live in the attics of Harris County houses where they can find an opening near the roof or chew their way into the attic, and build a nest. At night and early in the morning, you may hear them screeching and scampering. You can capture them more easily than most nuisance wildlife if you use appropriate methods of mounting traps directly onto the entry or exit holes.

Getting squirrels out of your house is usually a three part process. We adhere to all animal removal guidelines and laws in Houston, Texas. This is how we handle the removal process:

  1. Set up traps and catch the squirrels
  2. Seal up the entry holes so they can’t get back in
  3. Inspect and repair interior and exterior damage to your home

Our Squirrel Trapping process

Whether you are talking about raccoons, squirrels or bats, the Texas and Harris County Wildlife laws govern the capture and removal of animals. In the case of squirrels that are causing problems and nesting outside of your home, the only way to deal with the problem is to set traps. Your nuisance squirrels can be caught and removed by us in a legally sound manner. The art of trapping is a complex one. Most amateur attempts fail for many reasons. A Texas trapper must know how squirrels behave, both before and after the trap is set, and be familiar with the various types of squirrel traps to ensure that the squirrel is captured and removed unharmed. Here are the steps we follow on our squirrel removal jobs at Houston homes.

  1. Determine whether trapping is required, or if there are alternatives that could be used as a preventative measure
  2. Pick the right squirrel trap from a dozen or so types
  3. Put in the correct places, in shade, in trees, camouflaged, etc
  4. Correct use of bait
  5. Ensure that the trap is monitored daily and trapped squirrels are removed and transported

Should I use a Squirrel Exterminator?

Please do not do this! I say this because you’ll probably be calling us to remove the dead squirrels inside your walls. Texas exterminators and pest control companies like to use poisons as their first and only weapon when combating squirrels in your attic.

This might work well on ant and termite colonies, but it is an extremely bad idea when it comes to squirrel removal.

Consider a humane, exclusion-based solution when dealing with the squirrel removal and pest problem. Not only is it kinder to the animals, in the vast majority of cases, but it is also by far the most effective solution for Houston homes. No need to leave a critter graveyard in your attic for you to find (and smell) months later.

Wildlife Removal by Sealing Entry Points

Another reason to use a wildlife professional for squirrels in your attic is that you need to locate and seal every one of those entry holes. Texas Squirrels are masters of fitting into tight spaces (they’d be very good in a heist movie).

You need someone who will seal every single entry point on the first try. That will save you precious time, money, and sanity. Don’t roll the dice when it comes Houston squirrel removal.

Attic Decontamination and Repairing Damage in Houston

Just like in cases of raccoons and bats, Squirrels can do serious damage to your roof, soffits, and eaves. Sometimes they use their teeth and claws to widen small entry holes to make it bigger and more comfortable to enter and exit.

The exterior damage to your property that they cause is unsightly. You may even get comments from your neighbors if the damage is bad enough! We are very skilled at repairing this damage and making your home look like new. 

After we have removed squirrels from the space, it might be beneficial to clean the attic. Besides droppings and urine, they may leave behind oils, hair, food, nest lining, and other waste materials. They may encourage insect pests, such as roaches and ants to approach your house, and the scent leftover may motivate new squirrels to enter. You may also experience odor problems as a result of the waste. 

It is possible that mold will grow on surfaces where feces and urine are present. Urine can even damage wood or sheetrock. The mold in the feces may carry diseases that people can catch, and in some instances, these diseases can be transmitted through the feces themselves. Additionally, any damaged ductwork in an attic, along with torn pipe insulation and chewed electrical wires should be repaired.

  • All droppings are removed with vacuums, or the soiled insulation is removed and replaced
  • We fix damage in ductwork, electrical wire, pipes, insulation, etc.

Problems Caused by Pest Squirrels in Harris County

Anywhere in Houston where there are trees, squirrels can thrive and multiply. They have serious gnawing and chewing skills. Generally, Texas squirrels have litters twice a year and will use any warm, dry spot to give birth to their young. In addition to being very agile, they can go anywhere and climb pretty much anything. Because of this, they cause some of the following problems:

  • Chewing into an attic and establishing a nest
  • Electrical wires chewed in attic pose a fire risk
  • Stuffing themselves into chimneys and living there for a long time
  • Taking advantage of your garden as a food store
  • Devouring seed meant for birds
  • Chewing on wood surfaces and structures
  • Dying in walls or chimneys, leading to unpleasant odors
  • Aggressive or potentially sick squirrels threatening the health of family and pets

If you have any of these problems with squirrels at your home, you’ll be searching online for “squirrel removal Houston” in no time! Don’t worry, AAAC Wildlife Removal is here to help.

How Much Does Squirrel Removal Cost in Houston, Texas 

If the squirrels in need of removal are outside, the price is likely to be lower. A one-time service visit and trap setup fee will probably be necessary, along with a charge for each squirrel trapped and removed. Trapping services may cost between $200 and $300. 

If you have squirrels in your attic, you’ll tend to pay higher prices because the work involves removal of all the squirrels, capping the entry hole, making repairs to the damage they’ve caused, and attic cleaning if needed. The service could cost between $400 and $1,000 for removing your Houston squirrels.

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