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Finding a mouse in your house is enough of a shock. But, spotting a rat might make you jump out your second story window. Rats cause property damage and chew up wires turning your home into a tinderbox. Don’t let rats run though your walls and all over your kitchen counter. Call now for a quote!

A rat caught in one of our traps at a Houston home

One of a homeowner’s worst nightmares is to discover that they have a rat problem. Because they are small, they can crawl through almost every hole and crack inside your home or business.

A rat infestation is a huge problem and should not be taken lightly. They will cause property damage by chewing up all the wire, and they are a huge health risk due to the scat they leave everywhere and because of the diseases that they can transmit through their bite.

Property Damage

Rats cause property damage that can result in a severe economic burden to homeowners. They are perpetual chewers and will chew at wires, which can lead to power outages and fires. Their burrowing behavior can also be a nuisance. Add to these the added costs of blocking off entry points, which could entail significant work on building infrastructure.

Rat Waste

Rats are more inclined to use your plumbing as a way into your house than as a toilet. While they may urinate and leave excrement in there, they will also do this in your attic, behind your walls, under your floors, in your basement, in the shed and whatever other shelter they can find. They will defecate and urinate and contaminate the insulation.

Rats can also carry fleas, ticks, rabies and have been known to carry Hantavirus and Bubonic Plague. These diseases can be transmitted to humans and pets. Make sure your pets have been vaccinated against these harmful and fatal diseases.

Rat Trapping and Removal

Some rat populations are easier to control than others on a long-term basis. The most important thing is to focus on populations rather than on individual rats. An integrated strategy should include regular and thorough inspections, improved sanitation and general rat-proofing of structures. Combining this approach with lethal control methods like rodenticides, snap traps and glue boards is the best way to get rid of your rat problem.

Sealing Entry Points

Getting rid of rats for good, or at least on a long-term basis, requires taking a look at why there was an infestation in the first place. Apart from sanitation issues, finding routes of entry such as cracks in the foundation, loose screens and holes in pipes, is an important part of the exclusion process.

Our trained AAAC Wildlife Removal specialists can find these entry points and make necessary modifications to your building, adding sealants, mesh and other types of barriers against rats.

Brian & Josie Moss

We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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