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There are a variety of methods used by AAAC Wildlife Removal of Houston bed bug exterminators to remove bed bugs from your home. Typical methods can include encasement of mattresses and bed-springs, vacuuming, steam, heat, cold, and pesticides. All of these methods are best left to a pest control expert who can treat these areas in the proper method

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Bed Bug Exterminators Houston, TX.

The first step in elimination of your bed bug problem is for the exterminator to inspect the area and determine the size of your infestation problem. 85% of bed bugs are found in or near the bed, so inspections for infestations should initially focus on the mattress, box spring, bed frame, and headboard.

Home Bed Bug Exterminators Houston

Bed bug infestations should be treated by trained bed bug exterminators. At AAAC Wildlife Removal of Houston, we are trained in the latest methods of fighting bed bugs. Managing a bed bug infestation can be a difficult task as it entails treating or removing all infested areas. Bed bug management techniques that are non chemical include vacuuming, washing bedding at a high temperature, using steam or heat treatment, and encasement of mattresses and bed-springs. Also included is follow up monitoring to ensure that they don’t return.

It may be necessary to use chemicals to treat a severe infestation of bed bugs. This may be a difficult problem as bed bugs are resistant to many insecticides. A bed bug exterminator will use the proper chemicals that are best suited for the job and safe to use. The best way to treat a bed bug infestation is with a combination of chemical and nonchemical treatments. Follow this up with monitoring and bed bug exterminators can eliminate this problems for you.

A bed bug exterminator will can put monitors in place to keep track of the infestation problem. Active monitors will attract the bed bugs. They work by heat, carbon dioxide, odors, pheromones, or a combination of these to lure bed bugs into a pitfall or sticky trap within the monitor. These devices have the potential to detect bed bugs that would normally remain hidden.

Commercial Bed Bug Exterminators Houston

There is a strong need for a professional commercial bed bug exterminator. A company’s image and profitability can be destroyed with a bed bug problem. Bed bugs in hotels, hospitals, or movie theaters can be a major problem. A bed bug exterminator can do an inspection of your business and give you treatment options that can help you to eliminate and manage this problem on an ongoing basis. Don’t let this insect hurt your business. Our commercial bed bug exterminators will work with you to control this problem. Call us today at 281-688-1765.

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