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Bats can cause real damage to your home, attic and insulation. Once they move inside, they tend to leave a HUGE mess of toxic guano that could put your family’s health at risk. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal pros are here to help you evict your bats, clean up the mess, and repair the damage. Bat control and removal should be initiated as soon as you discover them. Call now for a consultation!

Bats found in an attic in The Woodlands

It’s not unusual in many parts of the country to see a small flicker of black here and there during dawn or dusk. But if you start seeing much more of those flickers in the dark sky than usual around your home, that may be a sign you have a bat family or even a colony living on your property. Pair that with droppings found in your attic, grease stains at possible entry points and the odd chirping sound and will, you probably have bats. It might be time to look at bat removal services.

Bat removal from Houston attics

bat hanging upside down in attic
A bat hanging near a rafter in a Atascocita attic

It’s hard to imagine a nicer place for bats to live then in a cool, dry, temperature controlled attic. Wild animals have to contend with so much danger in nature, that a nice home like yours can be even better than a cave.

Bats love to find little tiny holes that they can squeeze through. As soon as they’ve found a safe place, they’ll invite the whole colony in! Before you know if you can have a whole family of bats hanging out in your rafters, eaves, soffits, chimney, and behind shutters. They will use your attic as a place to sleep and slip out at night to go hunting.

The worst part about having bats in your attic (beyond it just being gross) is that those guys have nowhere to poop. That’s right! All that toxic bat guano that can transmit histoplasmosis just drops straight onto your attic floor, or even worse, your insulation.

Bat Removal vs Extermination

Your first instinct might be, “We need to exterminate these bats!”, but let me tell you: treating a bat infestation like a pest control problem is a big mistake. These animals are not ants or termites. It is not legal to kill a bat like they are.

Bats are protected in the state of Texas, so make sure you use a professional when dealing with a bat problem.

Trapping is less than ideal for bats because it’s difficult to properly catch them like you would a rodent, raccoon, or a squirrel. Most traps are lethal, meaning you are also removing a nice natural predator for mosquitos, flies, and other annoying insects around your home.

Removal and damage repair

bat attic entry hole
Bat entry hole in an attic that must be sealed

The absolute best way to get rid of bats is through a method called exclusion. Instead of trying to lure a bat into a trap, the smartest thing to do is force it to leave (which they will do at night to go hunt) and never let it back in! Sound crazy?

When clients call us with a bat problem, the first thing we do is find out how they got in. Once we identify the entry holes that they used to invade your attic, we set up one-way doors at those entry points. This way, once your bats go hunting at night, they are unable to get back in.

Here’s how we handle a bat exclusion job:

  1. Spend a LOT of time identifying each bat entry hole into your home
  2. Set up one way doors at each entry point
  3. Confirm that we’ve excluded all of the bats in your attic
  4. Seal all of the entry holes
  5. Clean all of the toxic bat guano in the attic using protective equipment
  6. Replace insulation (if needed)
  7. Repair any interior or exterior damage

Bat Removal Services Cost

Bat Removal Services tend to be more expensive than most other types of wild animal removal, usually because they do so much damage. The cost of such programs are as follows

  • The average cost of a small bat removal alone runs around $400+, usually in a range of $250 – $650
  • There is usually a (~ $200) inspection fee, but that is often credited toward the removal cost.
  • Removing small to medium sized colonies of bats costs somewhere around $300 – $8,000 for removal and exclusion
  • Attic guano cleanup and re insulation can add another $600 – $8,000, depending on the extent of the damage and size of the home.
3 bats inside an attic column
Bats hiding in a column

Frequently asked questions about Bat control

Q. Are bats protected in the State of Texas?

A. Absolutely! Bats are a vital part of the state’s ecosystem. One bat can kill up to 1,200 bugs in an hour. It would be a dark day in the Lone Star State if we lost all of our bats. For this reason federal and state lawmakers have passed legislation protecting bats.

Q. What is bat guano

A. Bat Guano is another term for bat droppings. They are small and can appear similar to mouse droppings. But, don’t be fooled. If you shine a flash light on it after breaking the droppings apart (please use gloves!), you’ll see it shine or glimmer in the light.

Q. Is guano harmful to humans?

A. Be very careful around bat guano (again, gloves people!) as it can transmit a deadly fungal infection known as histoplasmosis. You can inhale it just by being anywhere near guano, so we really recommend you let professionals with proper protective equipment handle an attic cleanup.

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